How wonderful that you are visiting our site to find out more about how the love of God the Father operates in the lives of many people in Germany and worldwide.

Now it is Father-Time!
Since the Reformation, the cross of Jesus shines in a new light.
Through the Pentecostal movement, the Church all over the world has been given a new access to the Holy Spirit.
Today, our God is in the process of revealing His Father Heart to a fatherless society of the 21st Century!

Instead of just passing on information, it is our desire to invite you to join us on the journey of getting to know God as our loving Father!

“It‘s never too late for a happy childhood!“
People who discover God as their best Daddy get a new image of God. They receive a new identity as beloved people. Furthermore, they can be trusting in all the pressure and challenges of everyday-life, as well as walking calmly into their future.

Friendship with Abba-Father wants to be the steadfast variable in a world that is changing all the time. It offers a home for our tired hearts and stressed souls. There is someone, who has the overview,who stands beside us, and who loves us unconditionally. He is the one that it is all about and He has so many adventures and dreams in store for each one of us!

It is absolutely life changing to come closer to the Father heart of God!
Come and experience His great love for yourself!

Matthias Hoffmann

You will find more information in the textversion of our leaflet VATERHERZ BEWEGT e.V.